Trustee Services

Trustee Services

Timeless International owns 4 trust licenses, respectively in Hong Kong, British Virgin Islands, Singapore, and Switzerland. Various structures are flexibly designed and effectively reduces geographic risks to help clients achieve the safest results.

Our services include the following:

[wgl_info_box icon_type=”image” thumbnail=”1351″ ib_content=”Owns multiple services provided by global private banks, securities, insurance, and general banks”]
[wgl_info_box icon_type=”image” thumbnail=”1352″ ib_content=”Integrates clients’ diversified global assets”]
[wgl_info_box icon_type=”image” thumbnail=”1353″ ib_content=”Tax planning and privacy protection through trust law”]
[wgl_info_box icon_type=”image” thumbnail=”1354″ ib_content=”Establish an effective firewall to isolate assets and clients from risks”]
[wgl_info_box icon_type=”image” thumbnail=”1355″ ib_content=”Achieving sustainable family inheritance through professional management teams”]

We tailor exclusive trust plans for our clients based on their needs, and strictly implement the trust deed, based on the principle of maximizing the interests of the beneficiaries. At the same time, we keep all client data strictly confidential to protect the privacy of clients and let our clients feel at ease to entrust assets to us.

Licensed family trust consultants assist in the restructuring of equity and allocation of authority in franchise

Well-known lawyers and accounting firms stationed, one-on-one legal and tax consultation

Hold, buy and sell multiple assets on behalf of clients as a trustee which highly protects client’s privacy

Combined with British law, Swiss law and international conventions, the security of assets is highly guaranteed

Establish overseas trust and foundation structures to ensure the effective inheritance of clients’ assets

Professional family planners to assist in the establishment of a family charter and a sustainable family inheritance plan

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