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A trust is a legal relationship and a property management system

By an individual or legal person (referred to as a “settlor” in a trust relationship)

According to this legal relationship

transfer ownership of its assets to another person or legal entity

(referred to as the “trustee” in a trust relationship)

Let the trustee follow the purpose of the trust deed

Manage or dispose of the settlor’s assets for the benefit of the beneficiary or for a specific purpose

Purpose and function

family inherited

Set up a family trust to achieve intergenerational inheritance

Risk isolation

Isolate any risk and protect capital assets

Enterprise Architecture

Offshore holding trust, sustainable inheritance of enterprises


Fully flexibly use funds to give back to the society

The benefits of setting up a trust

Provide security for family assets and protect assets from external factors.

Because the trust assets have been transferred to the name of the trustee and the trust deed does not need to be registered with the government agency

It is also not publicly disclosed, so the personal information and interests of the principal and beneficiary are kept confidential

Political risk and country risk can be avoided through asset internationalization.

Establishing a trust where the law permits can protect assets from claims by creditors.

The settlor / beneficiary’s overseas assets are integrated into a trust management platform, simplifying asset management and unified management.

Pre-arranged assets are distributed to family members, relatives,and friends, charities, etc. Especially in countries with inheritance restrictions, trusts can flexibly arrange asset inheritance and avoid complex probate procedures.

Save on domestic income tax, gift tax, property tax, inheritance tax,and more.

The trust deed can retain a moderate degree of flexibility to ensure that the trustee can still seek the best benefits for the beneficiaries as the external environment changes.


Personal interview to understand needs → draw up trust conditions → sign trust contract → set up trust account



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