Timeless International Accounting Firm

Timeless International
Accounting Firm

Timeless International Accounting Firm exhibits professional, pragmatic service mindset to meet your business needs. We have offices in many countries and regions, including

Hong Kong, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Shenzhen, Shanghai, London, Zurich, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands and the Marshall Islands

have intimate working relationships with professionals and service providers in financial centres.






In accordance with local laws and regulations, we abide by the strict audit principles, to provide customers with comprehensive audit services. We conduct statutory financial statement audits for listed and unlisted companies, conduct project audits, including mergers and acquisitions, sales of businesses, and listings, conduct special investigation audits, and conduct other agreed working procedures, reviews, and assessments.

Timeless International Accounting Firm provides clients with the most professional, skilled and customized accounting services. Our dedicated team will prepare regular or interim financial statements and accounting records for clients, develop, optimize and maintain accounting and filing systems, manage and represent strong funds and payroll payments, and advise and assist in cost control and budgeting, in accordance with their actual conditions and needs.

Timeless International Accounting Firm is committed to providing customers with various professional tax services and helping customers optimize their tax plans in compliance with current laws and regulations. We can also assist clients with tax investigations, audits, and inquiries by tax authorities. At the same time, our tax professionals in various financial centres have long-term and close cooperation relationships to provide clients with professional advice on tax planning and compliance for corporate or individual clients.

With offices in many countries and regions, we help our clients to set up, register or purchase companies in multiple overseas jurisdictions. We also provide company secretarial services to prepare all documents required by the company secretary such as change of share capital, change of director, company secretary, address company name, including statutory registration records, share transfers, annual returns and notices, and the meeting minutes of the board and shareholders’ meetings.

Timeless International owns a team of professionals who has successfully helped a number of domestic enterprises to list on on the Hong Kong Main Board or the United States NASDAQ Main Board in the past. They fully understand that a set of perfect accounting records and financial data information is an important step in an IPO. Our team of professionals provides professional advice on the client’s accounting records and circumstances, alternative capital markets, fund-raising possibilities and the best possible corporate structure and tax planning. In addition, we offer our clients with a full range of consulting services to help them achieve the best business results and realize their strategic needs.