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Last time we have introduced the family office of the trust system, which is a relationship in which the trustor transfers the property rights to the trustee and manages the trust property for the benefit of the beneficiaries in accordance with the purpose of the trust. The corporate system is another common organizational form of the family office.

The corporate family office refers to a type of corporate organization with family members as shareholders and full capital contributions for the purpose of making profits. The business mainly centers on family asset management, family business governance, family charity and other aspects, and the service targets are the entire family. . After the establishment of a corporate family office, it can be operated in accordance with the requirements of the company law. The follow-up supervision is generally based on formal supervision, and the supervision environment is relatively loose.


A family office established as a company has the following advantages:

1. Shareholders’ personal property do not need to be responsible for the deb of company

2. Take legal responsibility in the name of a legal person;

3. Own property in the name of a legal person;

4. Prevent creditors;

5. Tax saving.

So, should you choose a trust system or a company system to establish a family office? Next time we will do a more in-depth explanation.





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