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Complete overseas financial business qualifications

A team of professional consultant team

To provide professional localized services

The Advantages of Investing in Timeless Invest International Group

Timeless Investment is mainly based on the British Maritime Law and has professional financial licenses in many countries. We can provide clients with large-scale, multi-category asset management services. By designing various structures flexibly, regio

  • Asset management

  • Trust

  • Consulting Services for Securities

  • New Zealand FSP Financial License

We have gathered elites from different industries such as trust, asset management, risk management, law and accounting who own decades of traditional financial experience, global vision, and forward-looking market sense. We value our clients’ needs and provide them with ideal solutions.

With offices in different financial centres, we strive to serve every client the best we can, realizing the vision of having partners all around the world to meet your global communications needs. The group and its strategic partners are from different governments, state-owned enterprises, listed companies and international enterprises. They have rich experience and are highly capable in investing in different types of industries.

Family office

Office is a joint family office of Timeless Group. We not only provide all round services for ultra-high net worth individuals and families from the following directions, but also are keen to assist small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in establishing their businesses.






Integratesclients’ diversified global assets

Tax planning and privacy protection through trust law

Establish an effective firewall to isolate assets and clients from risks

Achieving sustainable family inheritance through professional management teams

Owns multiple services provided by global private banks, securities, insurance, and general banks


Based on the independence of the trust, the international trust is linked by its flexibility and people centred. It is committed to achieving the goals of risk management, tax allocation, property protection and distribution, investment planning and management for clients.

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Timeless Enlightenment

Difficulties faced by Chinese family offices

News Post Date According to the "2020 China Family Office White Paper" released by Forbes, the size of China's private wealth market has grown fivefold in the past ten years, and the number of high-net-worth families has now reached 1.58 million. Stimulated by the huge demand, the family office industry is developing rapidly. At present, [...]

Characteristics of offshore trust

News Post Date Offshore trust, also known as foreign or overseas trust, is a relative concept. It generally refers to a trust established overseas or offshore that the legally effective arrangement allows the settlor to legally transfer the rights of assets to the trustee. Compared with domestic trusts, offshore trust has the following differences: 1. [...]

Trend Analysis of Family Offices in China

News Post Date   Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up in China, tens of thousands of entrepreneurs with striving spirit and their sweat have written their own wealth legends. According to the "Hurun Wealth Report 2020" released in early 2021, the number of high-net-worth families with assets of RMB 100 millions [...]